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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2014
The start of this book is really excellent: compelling, fast paced. But then you realize that it doesn't really slow down for breath. Not in the 'never a dull moment' sort of way, either. It doesn't give the reader any room to get invested in the relentless, superficially sketched action.

For some readers, this might be good, but I honestly found it very hard to keep up with the events. The descriptions have been cut so lean that they are skeletal. There is no indication what anyone looks like, very little sense of setting or place. The action rushes from one place to another with little or no transition. Suddenly someone is dead and then the hero is somewhere else and there's cops and then we're in magic land and then we're in the middle of a highway running around... the threads of continuity are very hard to grasp and hold.

I think the author sacrificed depth and description for pace, and it was to the detriment of the experience. The story itself had real potential, but it lost me before the half-way mark, because I couldn't get a firm sense of place, time, character or purpose, other than frenetic survival. This might suit people looking for a quick action read, but urban fantasy relies on strong protagonists, and I felt this one was a bit lacking. That I can't remember his name without checking the book is indicative to me.
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