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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2020
These were my first boxing gloves and lasted me a couple of months before i realized that my knuckles were becoming bruised which eventually turned into a fracture. My trainer explained to me the difference between padding in these gloves and her Hayabusa gloves and it was obvious. These everlast gloves padding was almost paper thin compared to her Hayabusa Tanpeki's which she had owned for over a few years.

I shelled out the $130 back then for the Tanpeki's and have never looked back since. Your hands are your money makers, quite literally and boxing is a very high impact workout for your hands/arms. The least you can do is use proper gear to protect yourself from not only short term injuries like my bruised and fractured knuckles but also damage to circulation and to the fragile tendons that reside within the complicated structure of your wrist and hands. Going cheap on Boxing gloves is basically like going cheap on a bike helmet, not a good idea.

I would NOT RECOMMEND these gloves to anyone who is actually planning on boxing with a heavy bag. However i CAN RECOMMEND it to the people who just wanna try a boxing class or two to see if they like it or not, and to the people who barely use any force hitting the bag.

If you are genuinely serious about boxing properly, and don't wanna waste money buying this product only to leave a terrible review in a few months then go for better brands like Hayabusa, Venum, Fairtex among others. Your local boxing gym might even have a discount program with one of these companies, just ask your trainer.

My Hayabusa Tanpeki's have lasted me 3 years of 5-6 hours of weekly use on the heavy bag, the padding still feels firm and in shape and with proper wrapping techniques i have great workouts without the injuries. So the $130 i spent one time 3 years ago is still going strong, and id - and im sure you as well - would rather have that than have to continue to fork out $36 again and again every few months trying out all the cheap brands.
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