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Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2013
This is the book I reached for whenever I felt like I needed to deliver this message to my son: People can feel all kinds of things. Sometimes you can feel angry. you can be scared. These are all okay parts of a spectrum of who you are. And you do not need to feel shame about it. You can be all of those things and they do not negate you. You can be "as mean as a shark" and then go back to being "weak as a kitten" no matter what you feel, you can still be you and I love you unconditionally. At the end when the boy says "put it all together... ME!" I know that I've brought us to a place where we can accept ourselves more. I often pair this with the book called I love you because you're you (i think thats what it is called - the mom fox and her son go through all kinds of things but she loves him no matter what)
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