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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2019
* Watching my driveway, foyer, and garage, the motion detector often does not pick up things that aren't small and hot - for example it completely misses the UPS and FedEx trucks that stop in my driveway.
* When it does trigger, it has a limited clip length and won't retrigger quickly, so it often misses key action. When guests pull into the driveway, it usually registers the car, but has run out of recording time by the time somebody gets out, and if they were up to no good, they'd be totally missed.
* Poor signal strength - it was difficult to find a place to for the 'sensor hub' that provided good coverage. All of the cameras are within 50' of the sensor, yet I can't find a place in the house for the hub where all get satisfactory signal.
* System is busy - often when I manually request capture the application reports 'System is Busy'

Not suitable for purpose as a security device - the system regularly fails to record critical events.

I'm not going to throw these away, but I would not buy them again.
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