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Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2019
I'm 72 years old and regret not reading more over the years. Thom Harman's book helps fill in some of the blanks. For example, the Vietnam war kept going longer than needed. Nixon's presidential aspirations required keeping it going, so he struck a deal to cause the war to linger longer. For a Vietnam veteran, that's good to know. I read this before, and now I have it in this handy little book.
Of course, the courts have center-stage here.
Mr. Hartman makes clear, we, our grandchildren, face an "existential crisis" in the form of human-caused global warming. The fossil fuel industry has a role in shaping courts of the 21st century, as they have a role in climate deception and 415 ppm CO2 atmospheric density, and climbing rapidly. Brushing up on the history of our courts should serve well, then, to explain climate deception, in part. Like, how did corporations gain personhood, and how did money in politics become a form of free speech?
Mr. Hartman's writing gets to the critical history many baby boomers ignore.
So, here's an essential book to both remind us and enlighten us for the future.
Buy this book and read it, share it.
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