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Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2019
Back when I was a teen, my parents proudly presented me when a Craftsman cordless drill and spotlight combo. The spotlight was a favorite of mine, but it ALWAYS blew out it's little bulb, just a slight jostle was all it took. After replacing the bulb four times, I got frustrated and left it in it's case.

Fast-forward a couple decades, my parents (yes, they spoil me!!) bought me a DeWalt cordless vacuum with two batteries for Christmas. I saw this on a slight sale after Christmas and decided to get it.

WOW. Don't stare at this thing when you turn it on. Seriously. You will injure your eyes. Even the lower-brightness red setting is more than sufficient to light up a room. While I know from study and experience that LED's are more robust than bulbs, I still wondered how durable this spotlight is....

Well, I had to help my dad replace a pump in the washing machine recently, and this spotlight was a clutch tool. It was left on for just over four hours, and barely used any of my 3 aH battery's capacity. Also, it was kicked, knocked over, and accidentally bashed around inside the washing machine repeatedly in those four hours. Nothing burned out!

So as you've likely gathered, I am stoked to have a portable spotlight back in my tool arsenal, and more stoked that I know it won't burn out if I so much as gently bump it.

Given the price of DeWalt's batteries, this may or may not be a worthwhile purchase for you if you need to buy a battery for this. BUT, if you have one of these 20v MAX batteries, I'd strongly suggest looking into this spotlight.
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