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Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2019
I lost my old edition of Emily Dickinson's complete poems a few months back so i bought this edition hoping it would be a suitable replacement. I was greatly disappointed. I would NOT recommend the Pantianos Classics Edition. First off, on the spine of the book, the title is "The Complete Poems Of Emily Dickenson". They couldn't even spell her name right so there's your first warning. But whats most irritating is how utterly far away from being a COMPLETE volume of her poems this is. Its probably more along the lines of 1/4 of her total work, leaving many of her finest pieces out of this edition for whatever reason. Usually when I purchase a book I'll look into it a little bit, you know, read reviews and have a look inside. I'll look to see what the dimensions, size and weight of the book are as well as how many pages it contains. I'll admit I may have rushed through the purchase and just saw "complete" and "Dickinson" and I threw it in my cart and checked out. Learned my lesson good. It made me so angry and just let down that I purchased a different volume, I had to have her words. But the Back Bay Books version of her COMPLETE poems is much much better. It's the real deal and it is easily 10 times as thick as this edition and what's important about that? Its because it actually does contain her COMPLETE POEMS.
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