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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2017
I think those that post less than 5 stars are jaded on this genre. I read Geary's 6th GrayMan book 1st and then came back to purchase the start of the series. Why? Because I wanted more! Greaney writes with a certain style, a tempo, that for me, pushes the narrative forward and doesn't get bogged down in too much technical detail. If I want that? I go to another author like Dale Brown or even Oliver North (w/Musser). Sometimes you want a fast past thriller (which the Gray Man gives you) and sometimes you want deep state or military - it just depends on what you're feeling like reading today. To pan this book is nonsense. I've read bad books. This has a good plot, good pacing, is suspenseful, & develops the GrayMan character from scratch. Is it truly believable? Of course not. But neither was Ludlum's Bourne, Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, or Ian Fleming's Bond. Yet they are all good to read.

Now for The Gray Man - the 1st book in the Gray Man series
Read it over two days. I first bought book 6 and thought to myself if this author has any talent I can read book 6 without books 1-5. He has that talent. I decided to buy the 1st book to see how the series started and wasn't disappointed in this book. The author has matured over 6 books (plus his work on Clancey's channels). The Gray Man book starts out fast and ends with me wanting more. There is a linear (A to B to C) writing to the book which is nice for a first book that lays the ground work for the character of Court Gentry. We know what the objective is, we follow the character through his struggles to obtain the objective, and what happens after he achieves his objective. There are lots of bad guys that are straight forward, a few that are doublecrossers, a limited number of helpers to our hero, lots of weapons, an smattering of medical jargon, heaps of over-the-top "popcorn" worthy scenes that would never work in real life but our hero? No problems! So yeah - it was a fun book to read that establishes the GreyMan's bona fide's as having no equal. On to book #2 in the series...
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