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Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2018
It’s not confusing that this guy is popular right now, he knows how to write and speak with enthusiasm. Ask for any evidence to back up his claim? He just points to the book which has no footnotes or references whatsoever. Every single justification for his claims is “I’ve seen so many people be helped by ____” and follows up with how everyone who does research doesn’t want you to be healthy and continues with his fear mongering. Why do people get results with this diet? It’s all old news from Plant Based doctors like Neal Barnhard and Dr. Gregor and he says he knows these things because of divine intervention or some such nonsense. If you want to eat a high carb, low fat diet then go for it, but don’t act like an idiotic celebrity than endorses this guy’s cult-like claims. This book is full of interesting half truths like on his chapter based on insulin resistance but again, he doesn’t provide evidence for his claims and doesn’t show the massive success that’s been achieved through other dietary programs that encourage more protein and/or fat than he does, nor does he show the failure people have had with people who do not get enough of these macronutrients either. Never listen to anyone who demonizes any macronutrient and use it as a baseline for an absolute recommendation for every individual. Follow the evidence, avoid dietary cult leaders like Anthony, and always be willing to challenge anyone’s dogma. Anyone like this guy who says he has all the answers is a fraud. Everyone is always looking for a shortcut for thinking and that’s what this guy tries to provide, I wouldn’t look to anyone as any type of savior with nutrition. Be open to experimenting with his type of dietary approach but always keep an open mind as contexts change in your health journey.

Best of luck with everyone’s health who’s reading this.
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