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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2014
My son is in kindergarten. While he rocks at math, science and history, reading is boring to him and he is struggling. These books are really helping! I know some people gave them low marks for being boring. Well, you can't do that much when you are trying to make it actually readable for a child who has not ever read a book on their own yet. Using just a few 3-letter words these books were the first my son ever read all by himself and he was so proud.

Are they boring? Of course, a bit. "Mat sat." Not exciting, but readable. NOW here is what you do... you, the parent, make them interesting. When he read "Mat sat." I raved and raved about his reading ability. The page wasn't exciting, but he was proud and that kept him going. Then, two pages later we get "Mat sat on Sam." And a funny picture of just that. I made a big production of it saying, "Oh my gosh, look at that." And we both giggled and giggled. Then we discussed what shapes were used to make Mat and Sam. Then, we read more.

My son, a video game and Lego junkie who likes action, loved these books. Why? Because we made them fun by discussing them, giggling at them, and being proud of his reading ability.

I'm saving these to read with my son's kids someday! Bob books are good stuff if you make them so.
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