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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021
As of 2/15/2021 it appears that this is your last option to get this product in a bottle of 200. For chronic sufferers who require this medication daily, the suppliers have dried up to just just a couple who sell it in a bottle instead of the dreaded blister packs.
Bottles can still be had in 200 and 96 count packaging, but anyone who has been buying Loperimide for years to control their symptoms, you'll notice that the price has gone from around $8 USD for a bottle of 200 tablets (when purchased in bulk) to the current price of $28 for the same quantity.
SDA Labs' tablets seem to be as effective as others I've tried: Berkley Jensen and Kirkland brands, but SDA Labs has for some reason omitted that most basic feature of any oral medication, the coating that makes them easy to swallow and prevents them from dissolving in your mouth. SDA Labs tablets HAVE NO COATING. That is why I rated them at 4 instead of 5 stars.
It was reported that due to the abuse of this medication that we would all suffer the blister packaging and smaller packages, and yet, the 200 count bottle of loose pills still exists, but now from fewer suppliers at a much greater cost.
I don't know exactly why this has happened but at least this option exists for those who need it and likely have no non-prescription options available. The brand name, Immodium, is priced so high as to be laughable-- except of course when you have no choice. I can only hope some of the other brands will come back and sell in bottles again.
I cannot imagine trying to open the blister packs with arthritic hands or other difficulties and it's not easy even for young, healthy people really, and honestly it affords ample opportunity for injuring yourself at times. That's not good.
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