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Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2019
I give this shredder three and a half stars. I think it's solid overall and should last a long time. The build quality seems good, and I don't notice any weakness in this area. The noise level is "ok." It's definitely quieter than the 10-year old Fellowes shredder it replaced, but I don't find the new sound level to be anything groundbreaking. I haven't had the troubles of closing the bin like others have. I keep a trash bag in it, and every once in awhile it won't close all the way. I just give it a tap or adjust the bag, and it's fine. The one annoyance I have that bothers me is the size or angle of the opening for the paper to shred. I find the opening to be too narrow for my liking, and if I have any more than approximately five papers, I find it difficult to insert them. The opening itself is at a slight angle, as well, so I have to try to angle the papers in, or I have to make sure each paper in the stack is straightened really well. Even a single receipt can be slightly frustrating at times. With my Fellowes, the opening was easily accessible, straight up and down at the top. I found that design to be easier and more user friendly. The other half star I took off was because there are deals on other shredders that are micro-cut where this one isn't. This does shred small, so it's not a complete deal breaker. The bottom line I ask myself is: Would I buy it again? And in this case, no, I don't think I would. It does work well, and it will get the job done, so if it's at a great price compared to others and you don't use it that much, sure go for it. But the next time I personally shop for one, I will look for one that is easier to feed, that's micro cut, and one that is even quieter if possible. Best of luck.
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