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Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2016
Medication I now take makes my skin extremely sensitive to the sun. And I do mean “extremely” sensitive. I ordered the Vapor Apparel UPF Long sleeve Solar Performance T-Shirt that the site says has an “up to UPF 50+”. I received the shirt, put it and another shirt on and went out to walk my dog. The second shirt I left unbuttoned because it was warm out. Later in the day I noticed my chest was itching – big time. The Vapor T-Shirt did not give me the protection I needed.

I sent Vapor Apparel an e-mail asking what their statement “up to UPF 50+”. This is the response I received from Nick:

“Thank you for your feedback request on the specifics of the SPF rating of the shirts. All of the shirts have a minimum SPF ranking of 35. A couple of the colors rank higher (White for example ranks 58 SPF and Black ranks over 50 spf). Color has an impact on the manner in which the sun interacts with the fabric. I know this is not an exact rating – we are working quickly with the SPF ranking group to get a more universal grade. Most of the colors are scoring in the mid and upper 40’s for SPF. As you can see we are wanting to be as precise as possible with a challenging color issue. We are working to address this issue in other ways as well.

The shirt ranks very well with customers for protection. We have received almost universal positive feedback. If for any reason the shirt does not meet your expectations we can provide you with a full refund. We hope this information is helpful and you enjoy the shirt.

Please let us know if you require additional information.

Best regards,

Vapor Apparel”

I’m rating this shirt 5 stars because:
1- Most purchasers give it rave reviews and,
2- The honesty of Nick’s response.

Though I did like the looks, feel and price of the shirt it just isn’t able to give me the UV protection I need.
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