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Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2007
I thought I followed the Duke Lacrosse case fairly closely. But Yaeger goes much deeper into why this whole thing blew up. It wasn't just Mike Nifong who was a bad guy. This book also tells the story of an institution (Duke University) full of cowards in its administrations and self serving over-the-top left wing professors. The one thing that nobody cared about were the ideals of innocent until proven guilty and due process. At Duke University, those aren't important and the lives that were trampled over were not important to Duke. What is most amazing to me after reading this book is the lack of remorse shown by so many people who behaved poorly. If this story were a John Grisham fiction book, it would still be a good read. But it's true and Don Yaeger does a nice job of providing a background to the characters and institution.
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