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Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2019
Yes, this case is expensive, but it is inexpensive insurance to protect your investment.
The multi-layer design protects from the impact of drops and bumps. Don't be fooled by other cases that are a single layer design using hard plastic (cough...Encased); they don't protect.

The OtterBox Defender has a soft cushion layer that goes up against your device, followed by a harder plastic layer, and wrapped over that is the outer rubberized plastic layer that absorbs most impacts from the beginning. This combination is proving the be highly effective.

The case is on the larger side but not as large as what would be expected for the amount of protection it provides.

It feels like a quality product in the hand. The texture isn't tacky, nor is it slick. So far, this Purple Nebula color case is resiting skin oils, dirt, and staining.

The holster also feels like a quality product. It has a solid sound and feel to it when adjusting the tilt of the clip or when securing/removing the phone.

It does work with the Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector, but a slight mod may need to be made to the case if you find it to be lifting your dome glass.

After installing the Whitestone Dome Glass on a Galaxy Note 10 Plus, I found the top left corner of the glass wanting to lift. This was easily remedied by taking the case off and using a sharp knife or utility razor to trim less than 1/32" off of the part that contacts the glass. Such a tiny amount of plastic needed to be trimmed off that it has not in no way affected the functionality of the case, nor is it even noticeable even when looking for it. See the attached photo.

I've used this case for about two weeks and this includes being used when doing construction and building maintenance. So far it is a keeper.

Just for the record, I purchased this case and am writing this review of my own volition.
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