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Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2019
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Reading from Cricket's perspective was amazing and, at times, so sad. This series continues to blow me away with the relevance to kids, teens, and even adults' lives. Cricket informs us right off the bat that her parents can't stand her and that her mother left the family to go "pursue her dreams." So many people I know have dealt with similar issues, and it's sad and hard to see. Cricket is still dealing with this, even though she's never liked her mother. Cricket's character grows and learns throughout the book, though her questions never cease.

I enjoyed seeing her bubbly attitude and realistic look at life take the radicals aback in how she simply laid out what would happen if the LeafWings went straight into war and attacked the HiveWings and burned the hives. Death, and most of it innocent people.

The first series arc started in the middle of a war with the Dragonets of Destiny dealing with the repercussions of a pointless war. This series is now taking the side of "what do you do after a genocide;" is it OK for retaliation or do things need to be left? What should be done. The characters, Cricket especially, struggle with these questions because wrongs have been done, yet another genocide is not the answer. Cricket starts to see her HiveWing world for the horrific slave-trade/indentured servant world that it is, at it's a culture shock for her to see how badly her world suffers from racism.

All-in-all, I loved watching Cricket understand the repercussions of genocide and racism and watching her come to understand that the HiveWings are a racist society towards everyone else.
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