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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2010
I was desperately looking for a textbook to cover the Biochemistry and Cell Biology for the GRE Subject Test i am preparing for.

Everyone was praising Alberts' Cell Biology but i found the information a bit advanced.
Cell Biology is a FANTASTIC textbook but it requires prior background on Cell Biology to fully appreciate it and i had none.

Then i found Essential Cell Biology. By the same author, it partners with others in bringing Cell Biology to a wider audience. Reading it is a breeze, it makes you wonder why Cell Biology is considered such a hard topic!
Explanations are straight forward and the movies that come with the DVD are a life saver.

You can easily read and assimilate 10 pages an hour and you don't even know when the time passes.
The only chapters that require more time are "How cells obtain energy from food" and "Electron transport in mitochondria". But this is because of the chemical reactions implied by processes such as citric acid and glycolysis.

Don't get fooled! Essential Cell Biology covers ALL chapters that his big brother Cell Biology includes. It only does it in a simpler and wiser manner.

If you want to get acquainted with Cell Biology this is the book for you!
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