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Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2018
I continued with the series because I thought the premise was intriguing, and such a great potential for telling an engrossing story. However, the author did not deliver in a way that I had hoped. He seemed fixated on describing in excruciating detail the miasmic transformations and visions and delusions of those undergoing a molecular level breakdown by the utterly foreign presence in area X. If you enjoy H.P. Lovecraft or Bosch, you might enjoy slogging through the narrative here that seems intent on describing in excruciating, phantasmagoric detail the "unknowable horror" that exists within Area X. I might even have withstood the mind numbing narrative if some sort of tension or action had ever taken place, but no, actual movement of characters or adventure or peril or heroics or loss or danger....these are way too pedestrian for this writing style. Rather to swallow page after page on what it must be like to experience molecular change at the hand of an indescribable, unknowable and amorphous entity from "somewhere else".
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