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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2020
When I first handled these envelopes, I worried that they wouldn't be strong enough for what I needed them for, because they felt thin, and the bubbles weren't as firm as the more expensive brand I'd used. To test one, I put 3 pairs of "deadstock" heavy vintage metal earrings with the backs removed (so the posts/points were exposed) and a chunky metal bracelet. I didn't even wrap them in anything like I normally do, because I wanted to test the envelope against the shifting weight and sharp posts. Just sealed the adhesive strip, and proceeded to toss the package around rather roughly, as I imagine the post office does. I even kick booted it from the dining room to the living room a couple of times. Yeah, it was weird and extreme, but I wanted to be darned sure I knew what I may be sending my customers.

Anyway, through all that the envelope stayed sealed and 100% intact, so I'm confident these will do for regular shipments. The bubbles are definitely not as firm or thick as some, but they didn't go flat and the colored plastic outside is tough enough that those exposed posts I mentioned didn't poke through the sides. On a more superficial note, I ordered the teal color, and they look great. Exactly like pictured on the listing.
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