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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020
This story is about a ghost body-snatcher who doesn’t have his own. Some time in the past it lived a life of its own. It had a traumatic death. Then switched to someone else in the process of dying.

A book I just read had a similar theme with a slight variation. In the Lorien Lagacies’ Return to Zero the villain’s legacy was to snatch bodies. While he did this his own body lay unconscious in a secure area. The person possessed was aware of the possession but was powerless to do anything about it.

In this story the possessed have no idea that their body has been abducted. When the abduction is over they “wake up” not knowing what happened to them.

Also, the ghost dies if the body that they occupy dies while they are in it. In the Legacies, the snatcher will just return to their original body.

To me it seems that this theme is similar to the author’s other work, 15 Lives of Harry August.
In this story the protagonist is beyond a single life and death for that matter. The ghost is able to experience, sickness, health, strength, beauty, ugliness, etc from anyone’s perspective. In 15 Lives the protagonist is beyond death. He is always reborn and can live his life many times. Both Harry and the Ghost look at life from an almost flippant perspective being beyond the regular deficiencies of humanity.

This story is told from the perspective of the ghost. IMO, for this reason, the actual plot and characters are underdeveloped simply because the ghost doesn’t see everything that’s going on.

The morality of this is very suspect. Life is so precious that there’s never an excuse to steal even a moment of it from someone else. On the other hand how is a ghost to survive? Die? Some choose to do that. Therefore, I don’t empathize with this character. And, it seems, that neither do the other characters. But, it’s hard to relate to them because, like I said, they aren’t fully developed.
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