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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2020
Disappointed. Nowhere does it say in the description that this TV only works with 2.4 ghz wifi. I live in an apartment building and have about 10 neighbors on each of the 2.4 ghz channels. Was this TV designed in 1990? Using surplus parts?

If the remote used bluetooth, it wouldn't have to be pointed directly at the bottom of the screen to work. Nor would it need to have an IR LED. What is the point of lying? Marketing to idiots who think their socks should have bluetooth?

I haven't decided if I'm returning this thing. I've already got enough TVs (that all connect to 5 Ghz wifi). This was my first Android TV, to pair with my new phone. And THAT's also glitchy.

I was going to hang this on the kitchen wall, but not if it's going to need to be wired to everything.
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