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Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2013
I will revise this review after I get some service from PDP. I'm a female gamer so it fits my head just perfect alittle big in fact, this is the first headset I have ever owned like this and was a gift from my mom for a late Christmas present. after receiving though is where the 3 stars comes into play I need an adapter cable for it to work on my PS3, that is not provided with the headset you have to contact PDP, so I did like the book said call the 1800 number I called it and got told to go to the website to file for my adapter piece, then just for the heck of it I hooked this headset to my brothers xbox to see what the sound quality was like on there surprise surprise I need another adapter since both systems are HDMI linked and not hooked up with the original cables this piece is needed and in the book it says after you call it's free and 2 days shipping, issue is it's 2 day shipping from when they get your ticket so if they don't get it for several days you don't get to have optimal game sound till then. All in all if you hook your systems up with HDMI be ready to not use your headset for awhile unless you have the original cables ready like I did for my PS3 but also be ready to go down in visual quality for better sound. I will again revise once I receive the items needed to let future buyers know how long it will take.

Ok so as I said I would revise if I received the adapters and I have so my review on this is WOW !!! I never received a message back from the company they just sent the adapters, not a bad thing at all but it does show they are working on customer service just make sure you file the claim ticket at the right place on the website. The sound quality is AMAZING !!! it takes some getting used to if your like me and never had surround sound headsets before. you have to do some adjusting to the sounds and from what I can tell mine are backwards where it says chat it's actually the game and vice versa but it's not a big deal since I know that's the issue I just adjust from knowing that. if you have any issues hooking up your headset don't get frustrated go here( [...] )they have instructional videos for all electronics, plus they will tell you where to go to file your tickets for the adapters I would really recommend these if your really looking for a quality item and to block out sound.
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