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Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2017
I have used my compressor for sometime without a water separator. I reasoned that draining the tank would be all I needed. I was wrong. I soon grew frustrated with moisture coming out of my blow gun, putting moisture in my car tires (which causes damage to your wheels), and seeing moisture coming out of my pneumatic tools. So I purchased this all in one unit. It seemed a bit small when it arrived but it has proven to be a fantastic multipurpose device. It removes the water and any rust, dust, and other trash particles from the getting into the air hose. You simply push up on the valve on the bottom of the bowl to empty. I keep a bucket under the bowl valve to catch to water. The regulator on top is easy to set the desired hose pressure and to change it as needed and locks in place so you don't change it accidently. It is also easy to separate the lubricator from the water filter - which I did. Not all of my air needs needed tool oil in them. I installed a "T" fitting between them that allows me to install a hose fitting for filtered air without passing through the lubricator and then another hose fitting coming out of the lubricator for all my air tools. Adding a couple of shut off valves and simple release valves make it easier to refill the lubricator with oil without having to discharge the entire air system.
I installed a second unit just like this one on my pneumatic lift and the lift works better than ever.
If you use an air compressor at home or work I recommend you install this unit on it. You won't be disappointed, you'll enjoy your compressor more, and it will be a life saver for your air tools (they require dry, lubricated air).
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