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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2017
First off, this is a review on this whole series. This series is thought provoking, deep, and occasionally, honestly, distressing. But that being said, it is distressing in the way that it makes you consider the harder subjects in life. Makes you think about hard choices that must be made, and what is most important to you. Every single character in this series is well fleshed out and 3 dimensional. There are some reviews I have read that say they don’t like the introspection in these books, that it’s too much. I disagree. I think it’s high time there was a book series that takes some harsh realities and makes you think about them, and analyze how the characters react to them.

While this book is a romance, my fiancé (who also read them) defined it as a tragic romance. There are so many failures and bumps in the road, it is almost frustrating. But honestly, once again, that is reality. Love isn’t easy, and while the main characters certainly give Romeo and Juliette a run for their money as far as being star crossed, the fight every second of the way, and when they fall, they get up again. I won’t reveal any endings. It is not a negative ending exactly but certainly it is not a sunshine and butterflies happily ever after, either. Honestly, I like that about this series.

The writing is beautiful, the villains truly despicable, and oh the complexity of our main characters. If this author puts more books out on these characters I will certainly be there to buy it up.

Also worth noting. I have so little time to read these days, and yet I finished this whole series. It took me few months but the fact that I finished them at all is testament to how dedicated to finishing them I really was.

Read this series. It’s not about the magic (although it is), it’s not about the political intrigue (okay sometimes) it’s really truly about the psychological journey of these characters and the people around them. If you read it with that in mind, and a strong heart, you will see what this author is trying to say.
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