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Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2014
Never played this game on the Nintendo platform but heard great things about it. Seeing great artwork and action in the trailer, I purchased this game and here is what I think about it.

-Most gorgeous art/graphics and music: Just as you see in the trailers, this game has one of the best artworks I have ever seen. In this game your two characters will travel to many different places and these places are very well designed. The graphics are pretty amazing and they go very well the incredible music of this game. While fighting if your sword breaks, it will produce this amazing visual and sound effect making it very believable.

-Great action gameplay: In this 2D side scroller, there are tons and tons of moves you can pull using your sword combos. Using them to defeat different enemies and bosses is quite fun. But again you can't just swing recklessly as your swords will break unless you sheath and heal them time to time.

-Tons and tons of swords: Each sword comes with different moves and special moves. Again great to use against bosses and enemies. The swords you get towards the end are the most awesome ones.

-The bosses: This was one of the main factors that kept me pushing forward. The boss fights are simply amazing. They were all incredible but my favorite one was the mountain demon fight.

-Interesting story: Both of the characters have unique background and story. The curiosity to investigate more about what has happened and what will happen will drive you to go forward.

-Length: Between two characters and multiple endings, this game took me 80+ hours. Definitely worth the money.

-Multiple story endings: As mentioned before, both characters have multiple endings. Definitely worth unlocking.
-Backtracking: While there is not a lot of it, it definitely can get annoying to go back to a few places to finish some side missions.

All and all it was fun playing this game due to its action gameplay, amazing boss fights and incredible graphics. Very happy played it.
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