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Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2018
Our 100 pound Golden Retriever has had surgeries on both knees. Now, we confront osteoarthritis. The surgeon and Teddy's Vet recommended a switch to Dasuguin with MSN rather than Cosequin for Teddy's joints. Our eight year old is acting like he is four! Teddy springs into the air on his hind legs to jump up on my bed.

Note, Teddy is now on Tramadol, a human drug. Tramadol retails at $217 per month. Banfield/Petsmart sells it for about $135 on their wellness plan. With his own Rewards prescription card at Walgreens the price drops to $99. Using a coupon that came with the grocery flyers the cost is now $79 per month. As both Dasuquin and Tramadol are a result of surgery, so Teddy's HEALTHY PAWS INSURANCE covers 80%. We only pay $16 per month.

We strongly support the Banfield Wellness plan at $32/month which includes one tooth cleaning per year, (Normally costing $275). Evidently, half of all dogs die from a problem in their mouth. If it had not been for Healthy Paws insurance, ($30/month excluding pre-existing conditions), we may have been considering putting Teddy to sleep.

The day we learned Teddy would need his first surgery, the Vet could not get him onto the X-Ray table. I had to help. I found myself looking into Teddy's eyes as I said, "It's ok." I never want to again see the fear I saw in Teddy's eyes that day. We believe that loving a dog or cat is giving them the same health coverage we would give to a human child.
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