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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2020
I like the book. I had purchased the print book, but I just bought the Kindle version so I could access it as long as I had a Kindle-friendly device. Within two minutes I found errors. The Greek letter table in the Kindle version doesn't match the correct-looking print version. I'll try to include captured images to illustrate. At least they can update the Kindle version when they fix this stuff. I hope they do fix it and update it.

I also have the 3rd edition of this book (both Kindle and print versions), but was disappointed with the numbers of errors in that one. I purchased the 4th edition mostly hoping for an improvement in the proofreading of the text. They do seem to have fixed several things since the 3rd edition. I just wish they would have done a better job with a book like this that is dealing with electricity, formulas, and easily damaged (and sometimes expensive) components.

At least with both versions one can leave notes (either in your Kindle copy on on the pages in the physical books) about the errors one finds. Not that I recommend a book with errors in it, but it does make you look at everything a bit more skeptically - especially if it doesn't make sense on the first reading. Then you dig in a little more, look for other sources to support or disagree with what you just read. That can be good practice, but slower and a bit more fatiguing than one might like (compared with a more well proofed text).
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