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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2019
Being autistic, I have really sensitive hearing. Loud, sudden sounds make me jump and other sounds (like people chewing their gum loudly) can really irritate. I bought these headphones because they promise a quiet, noiseless, stress-free environment. Its noise suppression feature does work, and ambient sounds are greatly reduced, but not to the point where nothing seeps through. With no music playing through them, and with Active Noise Canceling on, I can still hear (a little) my upstairs OCD neighbor drop things frequently, move her furniture around (AN ALL DAY/EVERY DAY AFFAIR!), and vacuum every day. However, with music playing, I don't her, just the music. Same thing goes for garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and minivans that pass by my window every so often. Apart from my noisy upstairs neighbor, everything is nice here. The 5.0 Bluetooth audio of this Boltune BT-BH011 is fantastic, BTW. Pairing is easy. Listening to jazz (Brad Mehldau) broadcasted from my Android TV Box sounds fantastic.
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