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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2020
From Chapter 3 - Joyful Rebellion: Redefining Celebration
"Jay and I no longer celebrate desired outcomes that may or may not happen in the way we envision. But we do celebrate, because if we wait, we just might wait until it's too late to celebrate at all."

Jay and Katherine write this lovely book together. They trade off every other chapter and write from their hearts the lessons they learned since Katherine's stroke. Their book disrupts the myth that joy can only be found in a pain-free life.

Healing from a chronic illness I have seen dark days...days of hopelessness...days of pain and dread...days of wanting to be who I was before I got sick and sometimes missing the beautiful things that were right in front of me because my body demanded so much attention. Not only did the sickness beat me up, but my own thoughts of trying to be my old self got the best of me many days. As I continue to heal and as symptoms subside I can look out now and see the world in front of me. It's quite beautiful and the truth is the glue that held me together was my faith....Jesus...the very thing that holds Jay and Katherine together. The chapters redefine limitations, beauty, community, calling, hope and so much more. This book is a great tool for any life change. May it bring comfort, encouragement and hope. Jay and Katherine...thank you for championing this message. Your strength and courage shine bright!
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