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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2019
when installing some new exterior video cams i had one cable wasn't long enough to get it where i wanted it to be mounted. as i'd used the old extension i had on hand with an existing cam and that worked great. consequently why i went ahead and ordered this one

the cable itself appears well made, no obvious issues. as to how well it works? just fine with absolutely no issues but a caveat for some users in regards to hardware limitations for usb power delivery which applies to all usb cables.

so before posting this feedback i noticed one reviewer who politely dinged the cable saying it was a power vampire in a manner of speaking? when it comes to power & usb sources cable length matters. usb 2 stubbornly remains the most common type of usb power sources but provide only a trickle of power.

in my experience when going beyond approx. 15' you need a usb power source with more power than you could use with something shorter in length. by 'the book' USB 2.0 spec limits the length of cables to 16’ 5”. USB 3 has a limit of 30 meters or approx. 98’ 5” e.g. 6x the distance. So without using additional hardware in the mix the cables, this extension, our expectations for its use needs keep in mind design limitations. the total distance matters not just the length of the extension cable.

most recent example when hooking up exterior cams one using the manufacturers power supply total length at 26' and the cam wouldn't function. i then swapped it out with a more powerful amazon echo usb plug and all worked fine. i performed the same test on another and had to do the same swap to get it function. all of those cams worked using their stock power supplies when used with shorter cables(10') that came with.

i have gone through this in the past, having learned the hard way when managing the installation of our town's new systems as well as in my own office/home. to reiterate a usb 3 port averages 7 watts, a 'regular' usb 2 port puts out at most 2.5 watts. also why you on some pc's you can only charge devices using the designated usb 3 port not the other slower usb 2 ports.

so in this instance what the one reviewer missed in regards to power delivery with this or any usb extension cable is that how much power going in matters as much or more so than the cable length,in total, used to move it from point a to point b.

all said i would not hesitate to purchase another of these extension cords. IF however i needed this primarily for transferring data i would then need to get a usb 3 cable, those have different male ends as well as internal difference. but again only if data was my priority not power.
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