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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2018
Cute little yard decoration. It arrived with one little light out of it's holder but I was able to carefully glue it back into place, and when the lights did come on after leaving the snail out in the sun to charge, all the lights work. I did have a problem figuring out how to turn it on and off. There is only one button underneath with the words OFF and ON, but since there is only one soft button to push, I was never sure if I was pushing it on or off, so that was a bit confusing, and still is. If there was going to be only one on/off switch, it should be a hard switch where pushing it on way will turn it on and the other way will turn it off. With one soft button, I wasn't sure what I was doing because when it hasn't been charged yet, you have to turn it on to left it soak up the sun rays. Maybe they need to enclose a small instruction page and diagram with instructions.
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