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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2019
I wanted to perform a coolant flush on my 2002 Toyota Corolla CE since I noticed non-Toyota coolant in my radiator. Upon doing research for my first coolant flush, I realized this type of spill free funnel would really help with the job. The various attachments included make this a product that will last for years to come with different vehicles. The blue attachments fit my 02 Corolla.

If you have the same or similar car, the following might be helpful to you:
2002 Toyota Corolla CE has a coolant capacity of 6 qts as per the owner's manual and takes Toyota long life coolant (the red concentrate, not the pink 50/50). A gallon jug was $35 from the Toyota dealership.

When flushing with distilled water, 3 qts drained from the drain at bottom of the radiator. I filled/drained 4 times and after the last drain, filled up the radiator with 3 qts of concentrate for a final 50/50 mix.

After each fill with distilled water (filled radiator, then 1/3 of the way up the funnel), I ran the engine for about 10 minutes until it got up to operating temperature so that the thermostat would open and start circulating coolant throughout the system.

Then, I turned on the heat to fully hot and started the fan at the first setting to see if the air was actually hot. If it was, then I ran the fan at full blast for about 5 minutes to ensure the distilled water was going through the entire system. If the air wasn't hot, it meant air was in the system so I'd turn the heat completely off, then squeeze the top radiator hose and watch air bubbles come up the funnel then check heat again.
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