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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019
This story really dragged on and on! The H and h meet by chance, the h had just caught her live-in boyfriend (also her boss) cheating and ran out of their house with no phone, purse or anything else. She has no place to stay the H has her move in to his house and hires her as his office manager. This plan is only for a month when he will be deployed. They pretty quickly start having sex, but H tells her it won't go anywhere. The H doesn't share much personally. She gets upset when she is opening his mail and he has 3 large checks, this constitutes a major fight because H didn't share with her that he made a lot of money for an invention! At more than half way through the story she goes into a room in the basement he has locked up, now he is deployed at this time, and finds out he was married and expecting a baby when his wife died in a car accident! Not one person she has been interacting with, his family, his friends, or the H, himself, thought to tell her! She wasn't upset by that but was upset about the money?? Seriously, I do many things just didn't work for me. The fact that she just caught her live in bf cheating and is immediately ready to jump into bed with a man she just met! It just didn't feel true to me!
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