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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2019
I was always the mom that swore she wouldn't ever put one of these on her kids. I said this verbally to many people. Then I had my youngest daughter and she became a toddler who literally can be next to me one second and the distance of half a football field away in another. I honestly was afraid to take her anywhere that had a lot of people or had anything dangerous (fairs, parades, the zoo) that could potentially end in her being hurt or worse. She's very friendly and isn't shy at all. People talk to her and she talks back, she is curious so she wanders and likes to look at things but doesn't know she has to look to cross the street or anything else us parents help teach them over time and do to keep them safe. I finally decided this harness style leash was the way to go when I said no to going to the local carnival and really upset my other kids. I can't not let them have fun out of fear so I wanted to do something about my fear.
This harness leash is made very well. It fits my daughter great, she just turned three and is average percentile for her height and weight. It's adjustable as well and can fit over just a t-shirt or with her winter coat on. The hook is solid that connects to the back of the harness and on the end of the strap for the parent to hold onto. The hook that snaps in front to keep the harness on is also very strong. My daughter can't undo it. The design resembling Mickey Mouse makes my daughter very willing to wear it.
Overall I am completely satisfied with this harness style leash. I feel safe having her wear this and know that she's only going to get as far as I allow makes going to public events fun again. Worrying whether your child is going to get lost or taken makes you miserable when you're in a place it can happen. I'm fully confident in the ability of this leash to remain intact and in place while in use at all times. The price was great and it is worth every cent to ensure the safety of your child.
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