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Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2018
It pains me to accept that Kristin Hannah's writing style and I just don't mix. Historical fiction? LOVE. Character-driven stories? LOVE. Thus, you would think her stories would be right in my wheelhouse. Wrong. Just like The Winter Garden, I DNF'd The Nightingale at around 20%. Why? I despise the characters. DESPISE THEM. Much of the tension between the characters, which drives the whole story, could easily be resolved with a simple adult conversation. Oh, the whininess though! The internal dialogue and subsequent actions are insufferable. For example [spoiler alert], in this latest offering, the eldest sister knows she owes her younger sister an apology for something in their past --- something that directly drives this youngest sister's reckless actions. And these actions have serious consequences! As in if sister doesn't get her attitude under control, a Nazi could ruin their whole family! Oh, but what does eldest sister do? She states (in her insufferable internal dialogue) that she doesn't have the strength for apologies right now --- she only has the strength to "do everything in her power" to protect her daughter until her husband can return from the front. EVERYTHING EXCEPT have the one conversation that would actually help protect her daughter! Gah. Because of this inability to communicate, each character feels as if they have the depth of a puddle even with their oh-so-tragic backstories. I officially throw in the towel...
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