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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2016
When it comes to these Asian noodles, i'm an expert at this point. Years and years of consumption..I eat all types of varieties 4 days a week just about. So let me tell you about the Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles. These damn noodles are so delicious. Yes they're hot, but tasty hot, addicting i'd say. It reminds me of those Flamin Hot Cheetos flavor. The sauce is like a thick chili oil that has some sweetness to it. Slight sweetness with an umami chicken thing going on, it works well to balance that burn. The noodles themselves are thicker then your normal ramen noodles, they have great chew and are of very good quality. I prepare my noodles with ground turkey and add a bunch of herbs to it for freshness. A side of veggies to counter the noodles and you're good to go. YES you will stop eating them for a minute because your lips will burn and some sweat will develop on your forehead :) What I do is make sure the noodles are wrapped around my chopsticks or fork well before going into the mouth, that way you avoid touching your lips. That's where it's at trust me. Your mouth won't burn as much as your lips will, so just do the technique i described you should be fine. THE PAIN IS WORTH THE LOVE GO FOR IT!!!!
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