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Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2017
I liked the unusual character concept for Jasim: a cyborg ex-soldier who realized soon after signing his contract that he'd bound himself into a career that didn't fit him at all. Now that the war is years over, he's depressed again to find that too many people hate and/or fear cyborgs to even consider hiring him to teach children, despite his having earned a degree in hopes of balancing all the killing with doing some good. Until he meets Leonidas Adler, his once-disapproving commander, again, and learns of medical possibilities he hadn't imagined, he also thought teaching would be as close as he could come to having children of his own.

Our old friend Leonidas (Ahem, not *that* old!) is the other lead in the story, and he feels somewhat guilty about his eagerness to experience a bit of the conflict and action he's missed in his routine merchant-trader life, despite how much he loves his family. Worse, he even sees the hunt as a break from their own brand of chaos aboard the Star Nomad. It's really cute to see the kids putting stickers on his armor and all, but you can't really blame him.

He's much less open with Jasim than vice versa, as his respectful and regretful former subordinate seeks to explain his past and present. Leonidas frowned on his youthful pranks, and worse, his attempts to leave the Corps, since to Leonidas, honoring your word comes above all. However, we can see his opinion of the younger man evolve. I wish Jasim himself had more of a moment of gaining confidence, taking Leonidas's advice to fight for his dream, rather than simply accepting a suggestion that may give him part of it.

The grandmotherly but weapons-happy and lascivious pilot, Jasim's boss's mother-in-law, adds an amusing note, though she has to be bribed and persuaded to help.

The pursuit is fairly straightforward, if full of brawls and blasters. There are no red-herring twists, though there is an emotional one when the killer's motivations become clear, and there's one disappointment.

The denouement is Leonidas's happy homecoming, which leaves the reader with a smile.
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