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Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2019
My grandson got a Play Station 4 in October for his 13th birthday. I had no idea how the game works, how ordering the gift card would work, how the money would get from my cart to a format that he could spend or anything else, really. When we had our Christmas gathering on our side of the family, I told him what he was getting for a gift, and he and I ordered it together that day. We were at my home, I ordered it on my Amazon account, it went into my cart, and I paid for it, just as I would any other purchase. After payment, I rcvd the digital code, which I wrote down, being very careful to get it exactly right, then gave that to him. According to him and his dad (our son), they would enter that code into grandson's game console, his account would be credited the amount of the gift card for him to spend on whatever Play Station items he can buy for that amount of or accessories or outfits (called "skins") for the make-believe, digital characters in the game (one of the silliest ways to waste money I've ever heard of!). My grandson was thrilled, his dad said he'd burn through it much too quickly, and I was glad that I no longer had to be the one to teach and guide and all that hard stuff. I can just be the granny who buys the gift card (with some help), then shake my head over how it's spent and the vastly different, digital world these kids grow up in!
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