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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2019
I had no idea that this book would go into such morbid detail. Nor can I understand who this book was directed at? I read less than one quarter of it, trying to see where it was leading, but it just rambled on and on including every horrible act that any person could ever do to another human being. Adults who saw what was happening but chose to do nothing and were then surprised when more terrible things happened? Right! (I.e., A teenager just for the attention, falsely accuses her father of raping her. And then the father, when proven innocent, and who was supposedly devastated, just drops the whole episode and continues to think of her and treat her as his "special little princess" - even as he watches her grow older and lie about and physically abuse others, including (and especially) her own children. She goes through three "shy, caring and once wonderful" (!) husbands who end up being afraid of her too, and they also watch her brutally torture, and actually end up helping her abuse their children. And then there's the mother of this insane women, who witnessed all this but just wasn't sure exactly what to do to stop everything! It's crazy!) I believe the author - that the story is actually true. I believe that there are ignorant irresponsible insane people in the world. But I do not need to read page after page of details of those who allow insane people to destroy the lives of innocent children year after year. It's those who stand by and allow this kind of torture to continue that are the real criminally insane in my opinion. For what it's worth, the writing/grammar in the book itself was way below par. But maybe it's to be expected from the level of education of someone who would hope to make a profit from this kind of "entertainment." Don't waste your time or money. I regret that this book exists for those who are already sick and might be searching for this kind of brutal imagery.
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