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Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2019
The unit is quite stylish, perhaps too stylish to be hidden under the sink. The compact nature of the unit makes for reducing space needed to install. Mostly uses vertical space, the horizontal footprint is quite small for what it does.

I have never installed an RO system, but consider myself quite handy. The hardest part of the installation was working in the limited space under the cabinet... I am a BMF (Big Mexican Fellow) and i hate working under the sink. Luckily the unit itself is easy to install. I also installed a T junction to go to my fridge. EZ-PZ. No leaks at all from the first time i turned the water back on. This is a testament of the unit and materials provided, since it is definitely not due to my skills!

The water taste is fantastic, just as good as the best bottled water we buy for our coffee. I purchased a cheap TDS meter from Amazon to get some objective measure of TDS before and after.

My TDS from the tap is about 350-400 ppm. The filtered water (as reported by the RO system) is on avg. about 15-18 ppm. The reading from the TDS meter i bought was actually more like 80-85ppm. Before i assumed that i was being duped by the RO system, i tested my typical bottled water (Crystal Geiser) and found the reading to be identical at 80-85ppm. So, welcome to cheap TDS meters... i feel confortable that the system is doing what it is supposed to be doing. I'm happy.

I have been running it for about 3 weeks now and it just works and tastes great. The water pressure from the included spigot is fine, quite tolerable. And is the same coming out of the fridge as well. If i am simultaneously dispensing from the spigot and the fridge, the water pressure drops (as expected).

I hope this unit lasts a long time, because if it does, it is darned near perfect. Even though it is one of the most efficient RO systems i've seen at 1:1 waste, that's still 1:1 wasted water. My next project is collecting and re-using the effluent to water plants. Then i will be 100% satisfied with RO in general.
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