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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2011
Let me add some context: I am a 59 y/o happily married guy who likes his music loud. When I took this beast out of the box and powered it up my wife thought I was crazy. No surprise there. But even I had my doubts. I mean c'mon, the thing looks like a throwback, like it should be in a Superfly movie or something. Everything about it is ridiculous: the big "X" in the front, the red lights, the little tiny display. A cassette player is pretty retro, but a cassette recorder? Really? Even the fact that it plays MP3 CDs is a little yesterday. But that was actually a selling point for me: I have a large inventory of MP3 CDs. Did I mention I'm old?

Basically, the only feature that keeps this monster current is the audio input jack. That makes it available for use as an audio amplification system for anything you can plug into it. And it's a REALLY good audio amplification system! That's its bottom-line selling point. I'm currently experimenting with how many nails it will rattle out of the walls. Just kidding about that part, but it probably could -- with very little distortion. It gets nicely loud. It's great for back yard soirees and working in the garden. I can hear it over my table saw, even my jack hammer. My neighbors love me -- those that are inclined to dance anyway. If Sony ever comes out with a model with a USB jack that powers a portable hard drive I'll be all over it. As long as it lights up :-)

I docked it a star because I'm actually on my second unit. The first one fell all of 30 inches off a table onto a carpeted floor and died. So be careful -- it's a sensitive beast.
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