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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2019
This product was such a disappointment, I will never buy it again. Party streamers are more absorbent than this bedding.

I have been buying Carefresh bedding for a couple of years now which worked extremely well but was way too dusty despite its 99% dust-free label. Due to the dust, I have been looking for alternative bedding options for my dwarf hamster. After reading the reviews for multiple brands and realizing there was no perfect bedding, I decided to give this one a chance. And WOW, what a mistake. After just TWO days the cage smelled atrocious and I had to clean it out. The odor control on this product is abysmal!

My dwarf hamster loves to burrow under his bedding but this bedding is so thin and nonabsorbent that when it got near his water bottle it would get soaking wet and tiny pieces would get stuck on the metal ball bearing that's in the drinking tube. This would cause the entire water bottle to leak out, something that has never happened with other paper beddings. Every day I would find the bedding around the water bottle to be completely soaked and would have to replace it.

Yes, the product is less dusty than the Carefresh pet bedding but it is practically nonabsorbent and the odor control is a joke. I would not recommend this product to anyone because of that.
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