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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2018
I participated in a live FB webcast with Dr. Lynch, and he is just phenomenal at taking something complex like genetics and explaining their effect on health while giving people a practical guide as to how they can work WITH their unique genetics to regain or improve their health. He takes the unpopular but mostly true stance that our health destinies are not written in stone by our genes, but are influenced, both positively and negatively not just by genes, but by diet, lifestyle, toxic exposures, stress, and even mindset.

In the book, he identifies the seven genes which, when "dirty", have the greatest impact on our health and well-being, and explains that a gene can be "dirty" (not functioning optimally) either because of nature (genetics) or nurture (environment). He recommends a 2 week "soak and scrub", during which time a person can function on "cleaning" all of their genes - focusing on diet, exercise, sleep, stress relief, and avoidance of toxins to the extent possible. After that period of time, if a person is still having issues, they can do what he calls "spot cleaning" of specific genes - MTHFR (methylation),PEMT (choline/phosphatidylcholine, important for cell membranes, liver, digestive, and brain health), DAO (diamine oxidase, breaks down histamine in the gut), MAOA (monoamine oxidase - breaks down/helps regulate neurotransmission, mood), NOS3 (produces endothelial nitric oxide, important for cardiovascular health/blood pressure regulation), GST/GPX (glutathione, the body's master antioxidant and important for detoxification), and COMT (metabolizes catecholamines, also involved in mood/personality). And the good thing for the majority of readers is that genetic testing isn't necessarily required, because Dr. Lynch includes a checklist for each gene that a person can use to assess whether or not that gene is or is behaving "dirty" and needs attention. Personally, I like having the hard data, but both methods are useful, since even a mutated gene may NOT be causing problems if it is being properly supported.

He also includes a recipe section, with descriptions as to how they support each of these genes and recommendations for modifications if you have issues with different ones. He also has a recommended ORDER for "spot cleaning" if you have multiple issues that need to be targeted specifically.

The nature/nurture argument has been going on for decades, but I feel that Dr. Lynch has made an excellent case for concluding that it really isn't either/or but BOTH, and this book is a wonderful tool that people can use in order to take charge of their own individual health.
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