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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2016
So these are great tiny scissors....and they are very sharp....but they don't do what most people want them for based on the name. The "nano tip" really is very pointy but it doesn't have much cut power at the tip. Crafters should know that while these are great for small cuts they do not have enough edge or whatever it is to use those tiny end points to trim with the precision that they imply. Maybe I was using the wrong fabric with them or maybe I need to sharpen mine but I've had them for a while and while I do like them for my projects that require the precision of small shears the tip of the scissors is not where that precision comes from. I have to use more of the middle to get the cutting power I need. This is just my experience and I do think that they are a useful tool, I just wanted people to know that if they are looking for extreme precision at the tips of their scissors these are not for that when it comes to medium weight fabric at least. With thin and fine fabrics however they are pretty bang on. I'm talking organza and silks. When those little frayed edges stick through a hem, these puppies are the bomb. I think the description should mention something about that fact...just saying.

Tldr - great short scissors, the tips are only really useful for ultra thin fabrics.

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