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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2019
I pretty much hate these, and maybe too late to return. Wasn't expecting a great cable, but these under perform even for the low price point.

The CHEAP xlr connectors are a bit oversized, very difficult to insert and remove from all of my gear. Some other reviewers report having standard XLR gear that these cables won't fit into at all. I bought two, and both male and female ends on both cables have the same problem, so it seems unlikely the issue is that they are simply out-of-round. These are Chinese knockoffs of the quite excellent Neutrik chuck style connectors, and although they look similar they are VASTLY inferior to US and European brands like Neutrik, Amphenol and Switchcraft.

The wire itself is junk, the cheap rubbery (not in a good way) outer jacket gets very stiff when cold, I have to assume that the conductor jacketing is similar, and will likely crack if flexed under extreme cold conditions (a common trait of cheap wire insulation). If you are not meticulous about how you wind your cables for storage these will get very 'lumpy' looking very quickly. (best to use the "over/under" wrapping method for all your cables... look it up)

Every aspect of these is just plain awful, the soldering is a mess, presumably done as fast and as cheap as humanly possible in a Chinese sweat shop, er, "factory" where the workers are essentially slaves.

These could actually DAMAGE your gear. Having to force-in the cheap plated connectors will cause small bits the plating to flake off, which could work their way into your mic pre's and various other components. I'm NOT letting these anywhere near my nice digital mixer, condenser mic's or any other valuable gear. If you're running low end stuff like PG58's and Harbinger speakers then no big loss, otherwise, even as a cheap backup... AVOID!
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