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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2019
I enjoy historical drama and and like to see how the producer creates a convincing portrait of the era through costumes, setting and music. Costumes and settings in this series are outstanding. The musical score however can't seem to decide exactly where this story unfolds: at times we hear 16th century tavern music, at times gypsy music, other times modern soap opera rising and falling crescendos. Instead of adding to the realism, it's a distraction. And the sex is at best perfunctory. By the second episode you're dreading having to be the voyeur yet again of the mediocre "passion" of the title. Happily, the libido loses steam as the series progresses. Sewell does an excellent job as Charles jousting with a cantankerous rabidly anti-Catholic Parliament while dealing with his carousel of mistresses. How much of all this is historical fact of course is questionable. Not on a par with other BBC productions, so hold on to the fast-forward button and do your own editing if you want to enjoy the costumes, settings and actors----and save an hour by skipping those tired bedroom scenes.
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