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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2019
Out of the box I was disappointed with the remote. I couldn't get it opened to insert the batteries. Finally my husband used a screwdriver and forced it open. Meanwhile I had gotten onto Chat for support and they had pretty quickly agreed to send me a replacement, which would have arrived in three or four days. So I had to get on chat support again to get them to cancel the replacement. That was quick and easy. But if you have difficulty getting the battery compartment open, just use more force, and insert a small screwdriver to get it open. It's not as delicate as it seems at first. Support was excellent.

But I'm disappointed in the way the remote works. I would compare e it to a walkie talkie, not so much an Alexa device. You have to press a button in order to talk to the remote. So you have to have the remote in your hand in order to control the tv and turn it on/off.

Our setup is that we have cable on just the living room tv. I got the Firestick for a second tv in a bedroom. And that second tv now is preferable to the livingroom tv. The remote makes it much easier to navigate. But the Alexa function is clumsy. I don't feel comfortable with the walkie talkie function, and Alexa isn't really smooth, though I suppose it will improve. Suggestions for use do pop up on screen. So there's a learning curve for me, and I suppose for the Alexa system. I do like the remote and the way it controls the screen content. But the Alexa interface isn't so satisfactory.

I have several Alexa devices scattered around the house, so I'm familiar with the interface, and like it, and am addicted to it. But I just don't like the way Alexa works in this application. Or more accurately, I don't like the button. And in a setting where you have several people watching, only the person with the remote controls the tv, just as with an older remote system. And the remote is very small, and easily lost, so beware.
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