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Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2019
I have read hundreds of books on true crime and I thought I had read everything about the horrors of criminal behavior. I have never heard of Michelle "Shelly" Knotek until now. I have read about a woman who was cruel, sadistic and evil exist in the world. Shelly was trouble from the moment that she and her two brothers moved in with their father and stepmother. Their world would never be the same again.

Gregg Olsen must be Ann Rule's successor now of true crime in the Pacific Northwest. Olsen writes with great detail about the life and times of Shelly Knotek, perhaps one of the most vicious female criminal around. She enjoyed playing mind games, torturing and sadism upon her victims. Shelly was a mastermind manipulator who controlled everyone around her. Her first two husbands fled but left their daughters behind. She managed to breakdown her third husband to help commit her crimes. Her three daughters witnessed and watched how Shelly's best friend, Kathy Lorenzo, moved in and endured horrific unjustified torture and cruelty that she couldn't run anymore.

Shelly demanded absolute loyalty and obedience from those around her. Nobody was spared from her torture. Everybody was just so afraid to fight back, say something or do something. Everybody lived in absolute terror of Shelly's wrath of horror. Shelly Knotek should never be released to the public. I actually fear for the other prisoners and staff who must put up with her. She has shown no remorse or conscience for her crimes. She is truly a sociopath /psychopath and quite a narcissist.
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