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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2014
We bought this for Christmas for our 4-year-old on the recommendation of friends with a similar aged kid. It has been a serious hit. He learned to play really quickly, but even before he really understood what he was doing he enjoyed it. And it's pretty fun for adults to play along with kids (or without kids) also. Sometimes my husband and I would get so into finishing the level, we would play it after our son went to sleep. It can be slightly maddening, at times, to play with a 4-year-old, but that's how most things are these days, so we're used to it. The two players are yolked together, so you have to go the same direction at the same pace or someone can get dropped out of the game. But once you learn to play together, it's fine and probably a good exercise in team work. The Star Wars aspect of it is pretty fun too- it follows all 6 movies. You collect currency (Lego pieces) that you can spend on unlocking characters and abilities. Since kids don't always get the currency aspect of the game, my husband and I helped with that too sometimes after bedtime. That helped make the game even more fun I think- my husband insists it helped a lot. All in all, as video games go this is a good one. Easy for kids to master (our four-year-old was soon giving his grandparents lessons on how to play) fun for adults too. I would suggest that for younger kids it would be best to play with an adult (Or older kid) at first until they get the hang of it and know how to move through the levels. Slightly addictive, of course, so there is that danger.
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