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Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2019
As an individual who wrote articles for the left and has a true understanding of their motivations Horowitz writes another insightful expose of their plans. "Dark Agenda" is an excellent book - as are many of his books.

To be anti-Christian is no different than being anti-Semitic. As a Jew I know that Christianity as a worldview received most of its values from ours. It is the closest world religion to Judaism. Attacks on Christians and their values is an attack on Judaism as well and many values which we hold as true.

This book explains in detail how the Left is attacking Christians and their values. Regardless of how one feels about Christianity, the concept of demonizing a group based on their religion is unacceptable. We Jews were singled out for hate in Germany which ultimately led to the Holocaust. This kind of hate should never happen again for any group.

Learn about the real reason the Left attacks Christians. It is not because they understand Christianity (they don't) and choose not to be believers. The true reason is much more nefarious as Horowitz reveals.
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